Portfolio- Landscapes & Nature

This is a representation of my photographic work of  landscapes and nature from the last 35+ years. Images are both scanned traditional silver halide prints and original source digital medium.


In my definition, Landscapes include both natural and man-made scenes or a combination of these two elements. The natural world is rapidly being encroached by mankind and it's creations, population and proliferation of change. In America, the industrial landscape is as much a part of our culture and world as the natural landscape. Purists may argue that man-made inventions, structures and objects don't belong in the the same category but I would contend that this is not a realistic view of our world in this century or the later part of the last one. Human progress competes with the natural landscape and America as we know it today is comprised of a combination of both. In my estimation, both are beautiful in their own right and need to be captured at a moment in time as nothing stand stills and change will steal our collective memory if we don't document the American visual and social landscape here and now before it disappears.