Edward L. Linde II is a fine art black & white photographer who specializes in documenting the changing social and visual      landscape of America.  Ed works in the tradition of photographers such as David Plowden, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander,
Elliott Erwitt, Edward Weston and others. He practices straight photography which means that he pre-visualizes and
composes the final image before an exposure is made. This school of photography focuses on solid technical execution in  
addition to artistic expression. Ed has practiced photography since he was fourteen and until recently worked exclusively in
a traditional darkroom. He switched to digital media using Nikon cameras because of time considerations. Ed conceived a
vision to photograph our country and culture to leave a legacy of American images for his children, friends, family and others
to have a document of their world to enjoy in future years after things have vanished or changed beyond recognition. Time
does not stand still but through photography we can capture a moment in time for historical preservation.

Email me at ELLIIPHOTOGRAPHY@gmail.com  to correspond with me or to obtain a price quotation on a photographic 
assignment or to buy an original photographic print from this web site.


                                                                                   Ed with Photographer David Plowden 

© Edward L.Linde II
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