Portfolio- Americana

What is the Americana?

This is a representation of my photographic work of the American visual and social landscape from the last 35+ years. Images are both scanned traditional silver halide prints and original source digital medium.

Time and progress are transforming our society before our eyes and many of us do not even realize this. The original schools, the old businesses, homes and other places in small town America that were once the lifeblood of  our community are gone forever. In our continual pursuit of progress, America discards local character and uniqueness in exchange for globalization, commodization and cost savings.  In time the country that we knew as children will become but a distant memory for many of us.

In America, our social and visual landscape is changing faster than we realize. What was once here is gone tomorrow. Buildings, open spaces, machines, places and cultural icons get discarded or reinvented in our endless pursuit of  development. History is not just the study of things in the past. It is also the acknowledgement of  this sense of  change and the preemptive recording of events, people, structures and other representations of our identity before they are lost forever.  It is critically important that we capture the essence of these common elements of our lives so that future generations can understand who we were as a people. This is what my work in Americana represents.